Affordable and Risk-Free

At Tigafy we made having a top-of-the-line website extremely affordable and completely risk-free.

One Low Payment Every 30 Days

We offer simple pay-as-you-go 30-day pricing that’s easy to understand. One price covers everything you get and that’s about as simple as you can get. No confusion here.

Best Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price website option, an option that includes everything we offer, just point us the competitor’s offer/plan, and we’ll beat their price by 10%.

No Contracts

At Tigafy we don’t require to you sign a contract or hold you hostage to a contract. We offer simple terms with NO sneaky trickery as you see with so many other companies. We don’t like that.

Easy Cancellation

We don’t want you to leave, but if do, we won’t make it difficult for you. Our cancellation process is transparent, and we won’t make you jump through crazy hoops or hide stuff from you.

No Upfront Cost

We charge zero upfront fees. No setup, design, miscellaneous or any other types of fees. We don’t nickel and dime and the only charge will be your pay-as-you-go fee every 30 days.

You Can Trust Us

We are located in Champaign, IL as opposed to some far off country thousands of miles away or a mysterious outfit hiding behind a deep crevice somewhere in cyberspace.

Understanding Website Cost, Options & How We Make It So Affordable

As a small business owner your expenditures are important. So we’ve done everything in our power to provide you with the most economical website opportunity possible. Here are some pointers on understanding the cost associated with having a website created, options for getting it created, and exactly how we made Tigafy such an affordable option for you.

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Typical Cost To Create and Manage a Website

All websites have cost associated with them. It’s important to understand these costs when considering a new website. Below are the most common expenses related to developing a website.

  • Graphic Design: Having a website designed including layout, graphics, imagery, and content (one-time fee ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 depending on the quality of design and site functionality)
  • Programming: Once the design is finalized the site will need to be programmed/coded accordingly (one-time fee ranging from $2,500 to $15,000 based on the complexity of the website)
  • Domain Name: Your website will need a domain name to act as your sites online address (yearly fee ranging from $10 to $20 per year)
  • Website Hosting: Once the site is programmed, it needs to be hosted on a server so it can be accessed on the Internet (monthly fee ranging from $25 to $300)
  • Maintenance: Maintaining/updating the website with the latest technology and coding is an ongoing process (monthly fee ranging from $100 to $2,000)
  • Editing and Additions: Making edits and adding content to the website to keep it current and fresh (monthly fee dependent on the number of edits or additions)

Time is a major cost associated with creating, maintaining and managing a website. Your time costs money. The more time you put into developing and managing a website the more expensive the website becomes.

Here are a few common task that cost you time when developing a website:

  • Working with and directing the graphic/web design team
  • Creating content and images for the design team
  • Working with and directing the programmers/developers
  • Working with and communicating with your web hosting provider
  • The ongoing task of working with a programmers/developers to maintain your website with the latest technology and coding
  • The ongoing task of making edits and additions or managing someone to do this for you
Options For Getting a Website Created

When getting a website you have multiple options. Here are three options to consider.

One: Getting A Custom Website Created

One way to get a website created is to hire a graphic/web designer to create a custom website for you from scratch. The challenge here is finding the right designer that won’t break your piggy bank and a designer who understands how to create a website that helps you generate new and more business. If you find this designer, it won’t come cheap, and there is no guarantee you’ll like the final design.

Also, expect to pay half the agreed upon fee upfront and the remainder at the conclusion of the project.

You’ll also need a programmer/developer to execute the agreed upon design. Sometimes the designer will outsource the programming and manage the programmer, but you might have to do this yourself. Again here, expect to pay half the fee up front with the remainder due at the conclusion of the project. Also, keep in mind that working with a programmer can be difficult since they speak in terms of code and sometimes it’s hard to understand what they are communicating. You’ll also need to test the programming to make sure it’s working properly and communicate your findings back to the programmer.

Once the site is completed, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and select and sign-up for monthly web hosting. Once you have a host, you’ll need to upload the site to their server and test the site to make sure it’s working properly.

You’ll also need to hire someone to keep your site up-to-date and to make changes and additions to the site, or you could do it yourself to save a little money.

Here are the estimated expenses you may incur:

  • Estimated Upfront Cost: $4,000 to $20,000 (this does not include the cost of your time to manage the project)
  • Estimated Monthly Cost: $150 to $800
  • Estimated Time Needed From You Monthly: 5 to 15 hours
  • Hidden Cost: An ineffective website that doesn’t drive business or doesn’t reflect your business in the best light could cost you tens of thousands

Two: Free DIY Website Route

Many companies offer small businesses free websites, and this could be an option to consider. Companies such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are a few operating in this space. Now before you get too excited about the word free, you need to think this through, because you know the old expression “nothing is free” and that is the case here.

These types of sites are referred to as DIY sites, meaning you’ll have to take the time to create your site from scratch. What this means is you’ll have to plan out your site’s architecture, create the content, and try to use their tools to make your site look as best as possible. This will take you some time trying to figure out how to use the tool to design and program the site yourself.

If you’re successful at mastering their tools, and making the site look halfway decent, there are still some major downfalls.

First and foremost, your site will have ads or notices at the bottom of the site promoting the company you’re using (Wix or any other DIY company). That’s a problem. It’s a problem because it makes your company look cheap and unprofessional, so this is not recommended. You can have the ads removed by paying a monthly fee that ranges from $39 to over a $150 a month based on the company and the package you select.

This next downfall is huge. DIY sites are NOT optimally designed to generate new and increase sales. You see, the key to any successful website is the functionality: what is the site doing to convert web traffic to sales? This is specialized functionality that these sites, in general, can’t offer. By trying to save a few dollars by using one of these DIY sites could ultimately cost you tens of thousands of dollars of lost business due to an ineffective website.

And remember, these are DIY sites. DIY means “do it yourself”, so you will have the cost of your times to factor into the overall cost of these websites. The fact of the matter is, these sites are not free, and in the end, they could cost you more than a custom site. Your best bet is to stay away from these sites.

Here are the estimated expenses you may incur:

  • Estimated Upfront Cost: 30 to 100 hours or more of your time multiplied by your cost per hour
  • Estimated Monthly Cost: $39 to over a $150
  • Estimated Time Needed From You Monthly: 20 to 30 hours
  • Hidden Cost: An ineffective website that doesn’t drive business or doesn’t reflect your business in the best light could cost you tens of thousands of dollars

Three: Tigafy Route

The Tigafy route is a robust and creative solution that is business friendly and one you should seriously consider. It’s friendly because Tigafy was specifically designed around helping you acquire new business and generate more sales.

This includes:

  • Offering a high-end website (superior design, programming, and driving business results) to the small to medium sized business; A site that is equal to or better than sites operated by the top corporations in North America
  • Keeping the cost under $100 per month
  • Absolutely no upfront cost
  • Get online fast with the least amount of hassles as possible
  • Remove the task from the business owner of trying to keep their websites up-to-date on a regular basis
  • Offer mobile friendly sites that works on all devices including desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Keep the time investment required by the business to the minimum

All of this and more is what Tigafy offers you. You will not find a more robust, effective, and affordable solution anywhere.

There is no upfront cost, contracts to sign, and a low pay-as-you-go price every 30 days, which by the way is way lower than an average monthly cell phone bill or a daily Starbucks routine.

Here are the estimated expenses you may incur:

Estimated Upfront Cost: none

Estimated Monthly Cost: Under hundred dollars every 30 days

Estimated Time Needed From You Monthly: 2 to 5 hours

Hidden Cost: none

An incredible value! How do we offer such an amazing value? Open up the next box to find out.

How We Make Tigafy So Affordable

Tigafy is so affordable because of our Marketplace Exclusivity program.

The Marketplace Exclusivity program allows us to operate utilizing a cooperative purchasing model. A cooperative purchasing model allows a group of buyers, with a common interest, to pool their buying power in order purchase a large ticket item and share that item once purchased.

That’s what we do here – like-minded businesses in the same industry, like yourself, contribute to the cooperative to buy the best website theme possible and share that resource in their respective businesses.

Of course, the website is customized for your business to reflect your business and style and each businesses site looks different, but the underlying infrastructure of the website is the same.

That’s why we only offer the Tigafy opportunity to one business per city, per industry.

The fact of the matter is a website of this caliber would not even be remotely possible for most businesses without the Marketplace Exclusivity program.

It’s just too expensive.

That’s how we keep the price low, and that’s why you should come aboard Tigafy.