Here are the most common questions we receive here at Tigafy.

Getting Started Questions

What businesses do you serve?

We work with all types of small businesses from dog groomers to attorneys to landscapers to everything in between. To get the ball rolling just click here.

Our business already has a website, but it’s in desire need of a makeover and looks outdated. Can you take our content and use it to create a new website for us?

Yes, we can!

We’ll include any content you instruct us to use on your new Tigafy website. Just let your Project Manager know what you’re thinking, and we’ll take care of it.

Do you create e-commerce sites or a site with a shopping cart?

Sorry, not at this time, but we can point you to a company that we highly recommend who will take good care of you at a very fair price.

What information will I need to Provide to Tigafy when I sign-up for the Free Website Preview?

We’ll need information about your business, including:

  • A paragraph or two about what your company does
  • Any other content you want us to include on your website
  • Your logo and color choices (what colors represent your business)
  • Photos and any graphics you want to include on the site
  • Any special pages you have in mind that is not part of the theme for your industry
  • Services offered and prices if you want to show prices
  • Business hours if you want to show hours on your site
  • Digital marketing efforts you currently partake in that need to tie into your website (social media presences, Facebook advertising or any other pay-per-click efforts, search engine optimization, etc.)
  • Anything else you want us to know

The more information you provide us the better. If by chance you’re missing information, or you don’t have items (photos, colors, etc.), no problem, we’ll work with you to figure solutions.

I have no photos for my website. Do you provide photos or help me get photos?

Your Tigafy website comes with a few public domain and Tigafy exclusive photos. If you need additional photos, we recommend taking photos yourself, hiring a photographer or purchasing additional stock photos. Here’s a link to the Stock Photo company we use.

Once you have your photo just let your Project Manager know what you want to do with them, and they’ll get it done for you.

Do you write the content for us or do we need to write it?

Your Tigafy website will come with pre-written content which includes body copy, headers, labels and Meta descriptions. You’re welcome to edit this content to make it your own or provide us with your custom content to replace the pre-written content – it’s entirely up to you.

If you’d like custom content created and need help, let your Project Manager know. We have a team of writers who can help and the price for custom content is $50 for up to 250 words.

We also provide editing services if you need an extra pair of eyes to check your spelling and grammar on any content you’ve written and want to be checked. The price for this service is $25 for up to 250 words.

If you’d like to take advantages of these services just let your Project Manager know and they’ll walk you through the process.

Will my new site be mobile friendly?

Yes. Your site utilizes the latest technology and will resize according to the device the user is using to view your website including phones, tablets and browser window size on laptops and PC’s.

Do you build a separate website for mobile devices?

No. We build our sites using responsive design and programming, so your site will automatically resize the content based on the device the users are viewing your website from. This includes phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.

Do you provide email as part of your services?

Sorry no, we don’t.

But if you’d like to utilize vanity email addresses that match your domain ( we highly recommend Google Apps to accomplish this. It’s very affordable and reliable and easy to setup and use.

If this is something you’re interested in, let your Project Manager know, and they’ll direct you on how to set this all up.

Our business only has a Facebook page. Can we use Tigafy to create our very first website for our business?

Of course!

Simply click here, and select your business type and you’ll be linked to the appropriate page for getting started.

You’ll be happy to know you’ll be assigned Project Manager who will be with you from the minute you sign-up for our Free Website Preview to launching your Tigafy site to working with on edits and editions. Your Project Manager will be here for you every step of the way and will be your partner in success.

I operate a small home-based business and was wondering if you can help build my website?

Of course! We create websites for all types of small businesses, including home-based businesses. The only types of sites we don’t create are e-commerce/shopping sites, adult sites, and sites that promote any illegal activity.

If you’re looking to create a commerce/shopping site, we can point you to a company we highly recommend.

What’s exactly involved in becoming a Tigafy client?

To become a Tigafy client, you need to do four things:

  1. Go to your business type page by clicking here and then check and see if your marketplace is available for your city.
  2. Request a Free Website Preview. When you do this you’ll need to provide us with details related to your business, and we’ll walk you through everything we need from you. It’s very simple.
  3. Provide us feedback or approve the Free Website Preview. Once we have your preview ready, we’ll email you, and you can approve your site or request changes. We’ll work with you until you’re completely satisfied no matter how long it takes.
  4. Once you approve your site completely, just let us know when you want us to launch your site officially, and we’ll take it live on the Internet.

It’s that simple.

Once your site is launched we’ll take care of everything after the launch for you including unlimited site edits, design updates, technology updates, hosting, backups and many other things.

How long will it take to get my website up and running?

Getting your website up and running is a two-step process.

The first step is getting a Free Website Preview. This is the design and customization state of the process and it usually can be completed within 72 hours if you provide us the information we’ll request from you in a timely matter.

Once you approve the Free Website Preview, we’ll proceed to the second step, and that is launching your website publicly on the domain that will represent your business. This step can usually be completed within a couple of days if we have the proper domain information or the date you select to launch your new site. It’s up to you.

Can you design a logo for our company?

Yes, we can.

Tigafy offers a full menu of graphic design and writing services.

The price for a custom logo is $200. If you’re ready to get started on a new logo, and you’re already working with us, just let your Project Manager know, and they can help you get started.

Will I have input in the design process?

Yes, of course. We’ll design your site based on the information you provide and the choices you make. The more thorough the information you provide us, the better for us and you.

How can I check to see if my current website is mobile friendly?

You can check over at Google by clicking here. Here is the link To learn about the importance of your website being mobile friendly click here.

I like the sound of everything, but I’m not a computer “techie!” Will I be okay?

You don’t need to know anything about websites or technology to have a Tigafy website.

The key advantage to becoming a Tigafy client is that we do everything for you including design, programming, updates, changes, hosting, registering your domain, backing up your site and everything else.

Our service is all-inclusive and does not require any time or skills.

How does Tigafy differ from DIY website providers like WIX or Squarespace?

Tigafy and DIY website providers are complete opposites and differ tremendously from one another.

We are a full service web design and creative firm and work with our clients, one-to-one, to create the best possible custom website presence possible. We have designers, programmers, and writers on staff to make every website we launch is of high quality and looks similar to a site that would come out of a high-end graphic design firm. We do all the work upfront on the creative and programming side of the site, so you don’t have to (that’s not your expertise, and you should be focused on growing your business).

Plus we assign a Project Manager to each client so they have a one-to-one direct contact they can build a trusting relationship with and get things done.

DIY sites, on the other hand, don’t offer one-to-one professional design services or project managers. It’s your responsibility to try and create the best possible design within the scope of their tools. And the fact of the matter is that, most small business owners are not designers, nor do they want to be website designers. Also, with DIY sites providers, you do not have the personal experience we offer with our Project Managers overseeing your project and building a relationship with you.

Once your website is launched, we continue to provide you with high-level services. We’ll make unlimited edits or changes to your website for you, thus saving you time and frustration. With DIY you’re on your own, and it’s on your time.

We also offer unlimited free marketing coaching, something you would never get with any DIY Company.

Free Website Preview Questions

Is the Free Website Preview just a graphic or sketch of what my website will look like?

No, the Free Website Preview is an actual live on the internet website showing you what your site will look like. The live preview will be housed on one of our test domains, and you’ll be the only one that has access to it, but it’s the full blown website.

How long does it take to create the Free Website Preview?

If we get all of your information on a timely basis, we can have your preview ready within 72 hours. If we’re missing information, it could take longer.

Am I obligated to become a Tigafy client if I sign-up for the Free Website Preview?

Nope. You’re under no obligation to become a Tigafy client at any time. If you don’t like us no problem, and no harm done.

Can I make changes or suggestions once I see the Free Preview of my website?

Of course! We’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with design, content, and functionality. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll move the site from our test domain to the domain for your business.

What if I don’t like the Free Website Preview?

We’ll ask you why and get your feedback. After we get your feedback, we’ll tweak the site based on the information you provide us. We’ll work with you as long as necessary to get it right for you.

Do I have to provide you my credit card number to take advantage of the Free Website Preview?

No. We don’t ask for one penny or your credit card information until you’re completely satisfied with your website and at that time you can register to become an official Tigafy client and provide us with your payment information.

Pricing, Contracts and Payment Options Questions

Does the 30-day fee include web hosting?

Yes, the 30-day fee is all-inclusive and includes hosting, your new website, unlimited edits are done by us (or you can do it), support, marketing coaching, website maintenance and upgrades, site security, daily site backups and other things. And you’ll be happy to know that there are no hidden fees or charges – that tacky.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We utilize Paypal (an eBay company) as our credit card processor, and they accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to pay the upfront cost to a website design company to create my website instead of using the one you provided to avoid paying the 30-day fee?

No, not even close. To get a website designed you’re talking anywhere from $3,000 on the low-end to $10,000 or more on the high-end. And if you decided to go on the low-end you’ll likely get a low-end quality website that doesn’t have the functionality we are offering you, and the design would most likely not be even close. If you decided to go with a high-end designer you might or might not get a nice design, but would probably still be lacking in functionality.

And your upfront cost to get a design created would not be your only cost. You would still have to pay for website hosting, website security, backups and pay for updates. If you can get all of these things for under our low fee good luck to you, you’d probably be looking at well over a $200 a month. Plus you’d be responsible for trying to keep your site up-to-date with edits, technology, and all the other stuff once the site was launched.

Also, think about the down time and headaches it would take to create your website. You’re probably talking about a few months it would take you to get a site created, and you’d be responsible for managing the designer and programmer making sure the job is done right. And sometimes designers and programmers can be very difficult to work with, because I know this first hand since I’ve been working with designers and programmers for over 30 years.

And don’t forget about the free marketing coaching we provide.

And the last thing I’ll leave you with is some simple math. A low-end quality website would cost you $3,000 roughly at the minimum to create, not counting the monthly fees to operate it. How long would it take to pay $3,000 in Tigafy fees? Do the math. A pretty incredible value we offer, right? And remember, you’ll still have monthly cost (anywhere from $90 to over $200 per month) if you go down this path.

This is a no brainer. It’s pretty easy to see it’s best to go with Tigafy given the two options.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract with Tigafy?

No way. We don’t like signing contracts ourselves, so why should you. We firmly believe we offer an outstanding product and service to small business owners and a contract isn’t necessary when you’re confident in what you offer. If you have a good offer, why would anyone leave?

Well, with Tigafy it’s pretty rare for our clients to leave us. And when one does it’s usually related to the business going out of business.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Not officially, but we do offer our Free Website Preview Program which is essentially better than any money back guarantee since you’re seeing exactly what your website will look like and how it will function before paying a penny or providing us with your credit card number.

And keep in mind, you’re free to cancel at any time since we don’t have any contracts, so the only risk you take is the 30-day fee, which is pretty small relatively speaking.

Why are your prices so low?

We built Tigafy to service the small business marketplace and to service this market we knew we had to develop a system any small business could afford and utilize.

Was this easy to do?

Nope. It took 15 years of testing and figuring things out to make it profitable for us and affordable for you, but we did it.

So how do we do it?

With our Marketplace Exclusivity Program, to learn how this program makes our prices so affordable, click here.

Managing Your Website Questions

After you complete the design and launch our website, can we manage it ourselves?

Yes, of course. We’ll provide you a User ID and Password to the Back Office of your website. From the Back Office, you can edit, add, delete or do whatever you wish to your website. And it super simple and anyone can do it.

However, if you do run into a problem, we’re here to help you!

If you change your mind and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ll do it for you. It’s up to you, but we’ll always be here if you need us.

Can we publish our own content?

Absolutely and we encourage it.

You can add as many pages as you wish. Plus you can edit any of the existing content on the site, or you can ask us to make the edits, and we’ll do it for you. Your site comes with easy to use, password protected, cloud based editing tools. You simply point and click with absolutely no programming, and that’s available to you 24/7 from any computer.

Will I be able to place tracking and PPC pixels on my pages?

Excellent question! Yes, and it’s easy as pie.

Or you can reach out to your Project Manager, and we’ll do it for you right away.

How much time does this take? I don’t know if I have the time to keep a website up-to-date.

Once we launch your site it doesn’t require anytime on your part except for directing us on any changes or additions you want completed on your website.

As part of your 30 day fee we’ll make any changes or additions to your site for you. Or if you’re feeling up to it or you have the extra time you can do. It’s up to you, but time is not necessary with Tigafy.

Can I upload my own photos or graphics?

Of course you can!

Once you upload them, you can insert them into pages and galleries with ease.

Or we can upload them for you and insert according to your wishes.


Marketplace Exclusivity Questions

What exactly is Marketplace Exclusivity?

Marketplace Exclusivity means we’re only going to work with one business per city, per business type, giving you protection from anyone else in your city having a similar site built on top of the same architecture.

For example, if you’re a dentist in Columbus, Indiana and you become a Tigafy client you’ll be the only dentist we work with in Columbus, Indiana.

Do you keep your Marketplace Exclusivity checker up-to-date?


The minute a new Tigafy client completes our Client Registration form we update the database accordingly and that marketplace are no longer available to other businesses.

Now it’s important to note that we don’t update the database when a business signs up for our Free Website Preview program – we don’t update because that particular business is not an official Tigafy client yet.

So it’s possible that two businesses that do the same thing in the same town, could both be going through the Free Website Preview program. But in the end, we’ll work with the first business to pull the trigger and become a Tigafy client first. The other business would not be permitted to become a Tigafy client.

Will you offer other businesses that do what I do in my area get a chance to become a Tigafy client and will they have the same website as me?


We only work with one business per city per discipline. If you’re a plumber in Danville, CA and you become a Tigafy client, we won’t work with any other plumbers in Danville, CA – just you.

Why do we offer Marketplace Exclusivity?

We don’t want to over extend the use of website themes in the same geographic area. In other words, the first business to deploy the business specific theme will experience no dilution of the effectiveness of this website because we’ve shared it with too many in the same marketplace.

We’re only sharing it with business per city, per business, giving that business an opportunity to have a powerful website that is exclusive to their business.

Are you (Tigafy) losing money because of your Marketplace Exclusivity business?

No, there are plenty of cities and business types to keep us busy for years to come. Plus it feels good to be exclusive to our clients and to build long-term win-win relationships. That’s how you become successful.

Domain Questions

Can I use a domain name I already own?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to have access to the administration details of the domain so we can point the domain to our servers when we’re ready to go live with your new Tigafy site.

If you utilize GoDaddy, 1and1, Network Solutions or any other domains service provider this is a breeze to do. Regardless of who you utilize as your register, we’ll work with you and walk you through how to do this.

I don’t own a domain name currently. Can I register a domain name and use it with a Tigafy website?


And that’s the best way to go since you maintain control. Once you register the domain we’ll walk you through how to point the domain to our servers at the proper time – but it’s very easy and nothing to worry about.

If I cancel my Tigafy website what happens to the domain?

If you cancel, we’ll transfer the domain to you if you wish – however you’d be responsible for any transfer fees from the domain service provider (usually less than $35) you select and the annual renewal fee. If you elect not transfer the domain, we’ll just let the domain expire at the time of yearly renewal.

Can I use a domain that is used by the web design company who created my existing site?

That all depends.

If the web design company registered the domain for you (as part of the service – similar to what we offer), you’d probably need to request that they transfer the domain ownership over to you and to a domain service provider you control, i.e. GoDaddy, 1and1, etc.  Again here, we’ll help you out if needed.

Can you tell me more about the domain that will be used for my Tigafy website? Who owns the domain that will be utilized for my Tigafy site?

As part of our service, we offer one free domain name that will be used as your businesses website address. Even though we proactively registered the domain for you and managed the domain for you, we’ll gladly transfer management and ownership over to you.

It is not in our interest to own any domains except ones directly associated with our company. However, you’ll be responsible for any transfer fees from the domain service provider (usually less than $35) you select and the annual domain renewal (usually less than $15 per year) fee from the domain company you utilize.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)  Questions

What is a SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.

When you have a certificate in place, your site is loaded via HTTPS, instead of HTTP.

Does an SSL Certificate come as part of the overall 30 day fee at Tigafy?

No, sorry.

This is the only add-on fee we charge our clients, and the only reason we charge an extra fee is because we have to pay a 3rd party security company a monthly fee per certificate, per website.

However, we do not mark up the fee we pay to the security company, and pass on the cost to our clients at wholesale.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?

That all depends.

It use to be, if your website didn’t collect sensitive personal data like demographics, social security numbers, credit cards, etc, you probably didn’t need one. These days, with the emphasis Google has put on the importance of SSL, and browser notices/warnings, we strongly recommend implementing a certificate for your site.

I want a SSL Certificate for my site. How much is it and how do I order it?

Just let your Account Manager know and they take care of ordering the certificate and installing it on your site.

The price is $8.00 every 30 days, and takes about two to three days to install. We do not charge an installation fee.

Cancellation Questions

If I cancel what happens to my website?

If you decide to cancel your service with Tigafy you’ll have a couple options:

  • Option one is to cancel and simply move on. If this is the options you select, we’ll take your site down, and it will no longer be available on the Internet, once your 30 day billing cycle ends.
  • Option two is we can release your website, which would give you a full backup of your site, allowing you to do whatever you wish with it, including handing it over to a new web developer or hosting it at a new hosting provider.

The cost to release your website is based on how long you’ve been a client at Tigafy. The release prices are as follows:

  • Within the first year of becoming a Tigafy client (you’ve paid twelve or less payments to us) – $3,500
  • After 12 to 24 payments to Tigafy – $2,500
  • After 24 to 36 payments to Tigafy – $1,500
  • After 36 to 48 payments to Tigafy – $750
  • After 48 payments to Tigafy – $250

Please note that if you cancel your Marketplace Exclusivity protection you enjoyed as a Tigafy client will expire and we can chose to market our services to similar businesses in your marketplace area.

Can I take the content on my site?

You can take any originals photos you took and uploaded to the site or any content you created and added to the site and do whatever you want with it. Any images, graphics or copy created by Tigafy is copy protected, and you can’t take it.

What happens to my domain?

If you own your domain and manage it at your register, it’s completely up to you what you do with your domain. If the domain you’re using is part of our service (the one free domain) we’ll simply let the domain expire. Or as a good faith gesture, we’ll transfer the domain to you if you wish – however you’d be responsible for any transfer fees from the domain service provider (usually less than $35) you select.

Support and Coaching Questions

What type of support do you offer?

When you sign up for our Free Website Preview program, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager. Your Project Manager will work closely with you to get your website preview created to your liking. Once you become a Tigafy client, your Project Manager will remain with you and be available to you as a client.

We also have a ticket system and technical support team you can utilize to address challenges, problems or questions. You’re free to directly connect with your Project Manager or utilize the ticket system to address your needs.

If you have a marketing question, we offer unlimited free marketing coaching you can utilize.

And finally, if you need to talk with the Chief Tiger here at Tigafy you’ll have access to Rock’s email, and you can converse with him if you wish.

Our goal is to provide you with an awesome service and top-notch support that will leave you raving and completely satisfied.

Can you explain the free marketing coaching and is it limited?

Ask us unlimited marketing questions, or present us with any challenges you are having, and we’ll give you our professional input. At your disposal, you’ll have a complete team made up marketing experts with Facebook, Google, direct response, referral and retention marketing experience.

Plus, you can ask any design, writing or technology question, as well. You’ll have access to our writers and entire technology team of programmers, web designers and user experience designers. There is no time or usage limit to the coaching.