You'll Get Best Pricing and an Exclusive Opportunity to Be the Only Business in Your Industry to Use a Tigafy Site in Your Marketplace

Our Marketplace Exclusivity Program is a program that offers you two big advantages you won’t find anywhere else.


The first advantage is low pricing. One goal we wanted to achieve was to create a way to offer small businesses the opportunity to have a high-end website without the associated high cost.

How does this program allow us to offer low pricing? We do it with a cooperative purchasing model that works as follows.

First, Tigafy finances the large upfront cost required to develop a high-end website specific to a niche (i.e. hair salon). Once the site is developed, we offer hair salons across the country (only one per town) an opportunity to utilize the infrastructure of the website for their respective businesses.

For each salon that joins the cooperative, we customize the site to reflect the branding of the business, making each website look completely different, but the underlying infrastructure (the expensive part) of the website is the same and shared as part of the cooperative keeping overall cost low.

It’s a very savvy and smart approach that allows small business owners to have a top tier website without the high cost.


The second big advantage is marketplace exclusivity. You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to be the only business in your industry/niche to utilize such a powerful business building tool in your marketplace.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity before it’s too late!

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