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At Tigafy we make the transition of going from an old tired, worn out website to a new, powerful, and fresh Tigafy website simple, seamless and stress-free.

When you decide to take us up on our Free Website Preview, we’ll be asking you questions related to your existing or old website to make sure we have all of our bases covered.

Important questions such as:


  • Is your current website getting good search engine rankings on any or all pages? If you’re getting good rankings, we’ll want to make sure to duplicate the content, naming structure, and links on your new site, so you don’t lose your good rankings you’ve achieved. This is very important, so we’ll make sure we take care of this for you.
  • Are there any existing pages, text, or images on your current website you’d like to include on your new Tigafy site? The fact of the matter is you might have a couple of pages (or many) or existing content or images you’d like to repurpose on your new Tigafy site. No problem! We’ll work with you to find out what content you’d like to keep and recreate on your new site.
  • Do you have email tied to your domain (i.e. john@yourdomain.com as opposed to john@gmail.com)? This is a very important question, especially if you have email tied to your domain. If you do, we’ll guide you through the simple process of how to handle this.
  • If you have an existing domain already, we’ll be asking you about it. We’ll eventually need to point your domain to our server, which is very simple, and we’ll walk you through that process or do it for you.
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Transitioning to Tigafy is simple and stress-free. We do most of the work, and the things we ask you to do are very simple. And if by chance you run into a challenge, or you don’t understand something, we’ll be there for you.

Here at Tigafy, our business is built on real human relationships, and we enjoy working with our clients personally. You’ll never feel like a number here at Tigafy! We are a Central Illinois (Midwest) company, and we are known for being very warm and friendly.

So I want you to feel 100% comfortable in transitioning from your old legacy website to a fresh and new website with Tigafy.

The Tigafy team and I look forward to working with you!

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